GOP Tells FBI Director Faith In Agency Is Lost

( – Republican legislators grilled Christopher Wray on July 12th during the FBI Director’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee. Lawmakers scolded the head of the bureau for running what they said has become a politicized agency bent on concealing scandals and targeting conservatives.

Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson said that his constituency is “losing count” of the number of scandals associated with the FBI and that they are “demanding” the situation be brought “under control.”

The congressman said that mounting evidence shows that the agency has become a “political tool” and told the director political opponents of the Biden administration are having their homes unjustly raided.

Johnson also cited findings that the FBI forced social media outlets to pull conservative content. Wray responded to Johnson’s assertion by telling him that the bureau does not engage in content moderation, suppression, or censorship.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan reminded the director of the FBI’s failure to confirm the authenticity of stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop despite the agency knowing they were true. The issue led to social media companies portraying the issue as disinformation perpetuated by Russia.

Jordan referenced a court ruling that said the FBI was guilty of misleading the public. It was a “nice way” of saying the agency “lied,” said Jordan. Republicans have said the laptop story potentially influenced millions of votes.

Rep. Matt Gaetz brought up the recent unveiling of messages between Hunter Biden and a Chinese businessman that showed Joe Biden had knowledge of his son’s dealings. Gaetz told the director that he appeared “deeply uncurious” about it and suggested he was protecting the Bidens.

The Florida Rep. further addressed illegal FISA searches under Wray’s leadership. He said while courts have acknowledged that at least 200 thousand illegal searches were performed by the agency, some reports show the number being over 1 million. Gaetz also suggested Wray had perjured himself in regard to those numbers during a prior Senate hearing.

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