GOP Wants Info on Biden Visitors

( – President Biden may not keep a log of visitors to his homes, but the Secret Service does, and House Republicans want to talk to them.

After several troves of classified documents were found in January at Biden’s think tank in DC and at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, the GOP is asking who visited Biden’s homes and when.

Kentucky Republican James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, sent the Secret Service a letter on January 23. Referring to what he called a “lack of transparency” from Biden about visitors to his home, Comer wants more than just a list of recent visitors. His letter asks for a list of all visitors to Biden’s home since he served as Vice President under President Barack Obama.

Comer is turning to the Secret Service after failing to get a response from White House officials. He sent a letter to the White House Chief of Staff on January 15 asking for the visitor logs, but Chief of Staff Ron Klain said the White House doesn’t keep visitor logs for the President’s personal homes.

The Secret Service is a different story. Comer said Secret Service personnel told him the Service does know about and profile anyone who comes into contact with the President at any site protected by the Service. Those sites would include Biden’s personal homes.

Though perhaps less enthusiastically, some Democrats have joined Republicans in calling for more information about Biden’s handling of documents marked “classified.” One cache of documents was found in a cardboard box behind the President’s classic Corvette Stingray kept in the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware, home.


The calm and genteel investigation into President Biden’s document handling contrasts sharply with the treatment of former President  Donald Trump regarding the same issue. Despite the fact that Trump cooperated with an investigation into his possession of classified documents, the FBI launched a full raid on his Florida home in September 2022.

Trump complained that agents rifled through his home with excessive zeal, going through areas such as his wife Melania’s clothes closets.

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