Gov. DeSantis Issues New Fines

Gov. DeSantis Issues New Fines

( – President Joe Biden recently announced new mandates for businesses employing 100 or more people to require their employees to receive inoculations for COVID-19 or provide weekly testing. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has pushed back against the Biden administration several times as he and the president butt heads over how to handle the virus. DeSantis isn’t messing around on the vaccine mandate issue, either.

Governor DeSantis stated it’s wrong for people to have put in 10-20 years at jobs they could potentially lose just because they choose not to vaccinate. According to the Florida governor, mandating vaccines is against Florida law. 

On Monday, in response to Biden’s newest mandate, DeSantis announced the state will fine any county or city governments requiring proof of vaccination from its employees $5,000 for each violation; some may face millions of dollars worth of fines. Businesses asking employees or customers for proof of vaccination are also subject to the new fines.

It appears Governor DeSantis is doing his best to protect the freedom of choice and individual liberty. For his part, Biden has gone on record asserting that he will get elected officials and others “out of the way” if they interfere with his COVID-19 mandates. Apparently, Biden’s threat doesn’t phase the Florida governor.

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