Governor DeSantis Gives Hard Pass After Being Invited on “The View”

Governor DeSantis Gives Hard Pass After Being Invited on

The View Invites Governor DeSantis On The Show — INSTANTLY Regrets It

( – Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has worked hard to keep his constituents happy and safe. He fought for the rights of residents living in the Sunshine State by giving parents the power to determine what their children should and shouldn’t learn in school. ABC’s “The View,” which is known for its left-leaning bias, recently invited the GOP governor to appear on their show. The DeSantis team respectfully declined, earning praise afterward.

Bryan Griffin, Deputy Press Secretary to the Florida leader, announced that the show had invited his boss for an interview in a tweet. He then followed up with a picture of the email he sent back to “The View,” asking if they were truly interested in hearing from Governor DeSantis. The show’s representatives claimed it would be an “honor.”

Griffin noted several occasions when the show’s co-hosts have blatantly attacked the Republican leader in the past. He then explained that DeSantis would pass on the opportunity.

Griffin also told hosts of “The View” that DeSantis’s team doesn’t plan political events or appearances from the governor’s office. The press secretary then asserted that the administration exists to serve Floridians. What do you think about that response?

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