Graham Claims Biden’s Weakness Is Fueling China’s Aggression

Graham Claims Biden's Weakness Is Fueling China's Aggression

Biden’s Weakness Is DANGEROUS – Chilling Warning From A Senator

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent stop at the sovereign island of Taiwan during her tour of several Asian countries angered China, leading to aggressive behavior from the country. US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned the White House might further fuel the communist nation’s aggression by showing weakness. The Republican leader asserted that America’s adversary is “flexing” its muscles by showing aggression toward Taiwan.

Senator Graham directly blamed the Biden administration during his time on Fox News’s “One Nation With Brian Kilmeade.” He claimed the White House’s approach to Russia emboldened China to act harshly against Taiwan. The South Carolina Republican feels the US has become “weak” for fear of provoking Russia throughout the Kremlin’s attacks on Ukraine. He asked what Americans were doing in regard to the sovereign island, noting the US has done nothing while the mainland has grown increasingly aggressive.

The Senator mentioned how crucial Taiwan is to America, namely in terms of computer chip production. Graham noted the COVID-19 pandemic showed just how much the US relied on China for pharmaceuticals and other items.

The GOP Senator declared the “last thing” the US should do is allow China to gain control of Taiwan and claim a monopoly over chip production in the 21st century. Graham noted he and Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) introduced bipartisan legislation to provide the tiny island with more financial aid and military assistance, but he claims the White House is attempting to shoot down the bill.

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