Greatest Threat To Black Lives Isn’t Cops

Democratic-led cities are ablaze at Leftist activists’ hands, claiming that black lives don’t matter to cops. However, that isn’t true, and truth be told, cops aren’t the greatest threat to black lives by a long shot.

Former Queens Country, New York, prosecutor Jim Quinn reported on September 3 that incidents of blacks killed at the hands of police officers are “exceedingly rare.”

Additionally, when they occur, there is almost always a contributing circumstance like the victim attempted to grab an officer’s weapon or resisting arrest.

According to Quinn, the real threat to black men’s lives is “criminality in minority communities.” Making his point, Quinn cited statistics from New York City. In 2019, 280 out of 319 people murdered were blacks. However, people of color committed 93.2 percent of those murders.

Continuing, Quinn explained that people of color are “disproportionately both victims and perpetrators of violent crime.” For instance, 96% of shooting victims and shooters are people of color. 93.3% of robbery suspects are colored. Likewise, 86% of assault suspects and 79.5% of assault victims are people of color.

And as Quinn reported, this isn’t a recent trend. Those numbers have remained consistent in the past 12 years. National trends indicated the same pattern with Fox News reporting on September 2 that 52% of the people shot by cops are white, compared to 32% who are people of color.

There’s no doubt that black lives matter. However, reforming or “defunding the police,” as Democrats keep saying, is not the end-all solution to America’s problems. Common sense reforms like those suggested by Attorney General William Barr and President Donald Trump are long term solutions.

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