Guards Brought in to Protect Trump Lawyer After Death Threats

Guards Brought in to Protect Trump Lawyer After Death Threats

( – Insanity continues to surround the 2020 presidential election. Wild accusations and alleged threats against election officials appear daily in media reports. Most recently, government officials placed an election attorney working for the Trump campaign under official protection based on threats.

Linda Kerns, a Philadelphia lawyer, filed documents in federal court on November 16 alleging she received a threatening voicemail from a lawyer representing Pennsylvania’s secretary of state on an election-related case. Kerns didn’t provide any details regarding the message other than to indicate it fell way outside the normal standards expected of officers of the court.

Kerns also advised the court since taking the case, she has received constant harassment in the form of hostile emails, abusive calls, and other threatening behaviors.

On Wednesday, November 18, additional court filings indicated members of the US Marshals Service and local police officers were dispatched “to provide for her safety.”

Things have gotten completely out of control when officers of the court require security details.

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