Guess Which State Is Offering Free Health Care to Illegals?

Guess Which State Is Offering Free Health Care to Illegals?

( – Healthcare is a significant talking point in US politics; some Americans can’t afford to access healthcare or health insurance, while others lose everything to medical debt and outrageous prescription drug prices. One state now wants to hand out free healthcare to illegal immigrants despite that ongoing struggle — and taxpayers will foot the bill.

Lawmakers in Illinois passed a bill in 2021 that offers free healthcare for specific undocumented individuals. Immigrants between the age of 55 and 64 are eligible for the program. They gain free access to hospital and doctor visits, therapies for occupational or physical needs, lab tests, and prescription drugs. These individuals will also qualify for free dental, vision, mental health, and substance abuse services.

Age eligibility isn’t the only requirement; the law also requires that individuals be legal residents for fewer than five years or completely undocumented. Eligible candidates cannot cross certain income thresholds, either: A single person can’t make more than $18,754, while a couple can’t make more than $25,268, according to Chicago FOX32. 

Programs like this could entice more immigrants to enter the United States illegally, which stands to add stress to already struggling infrastructure. Perhaps this is what Democrats want, especially with some areas already allowing illegal immigrants to vote.

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