Gulf Cartel Sends Ammunition to Mexico

( – When completing the background check paperwork the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives requires stateside individuals to fill out prior to their purchase of a post-1898 firearm, the very first question form 4473 asks purchasers is if they are “the actual transferee” of the gun in question.

The same cannot be said about ammunition. Right or wrong, only seven states require any sort of formal process to buy ammo, even if purchasers buy pallets of 10,000 or more rounds at a time.

The constitutionality of those restrictions or lack thereof are for our nation’s legislators to debate, but one apparent consequence of what many deem to be the Biden administration’s open border policy is that ammunition is being trafficked in a direction many overlook. While both humans and drugs are apparently being smuggled north across the border with ease, the same can be said about bulk ammo and gun purchases illegally making their way in the opposite direction.

According to Breitbart Texas, Central American cartels have been taking advantage of U.S. ammunition regulations to make north-of-the-border purchases and then traffic them illegally back to Mexico. The outlet reported that troops with the Mexican National Guard recently intercepted nearly 1,000 .50 caliber rounds that a U.S. citizen from Texas had been attempting to smuggle into the country.

Some readers might note that while there is certainly nothing illegal about the rounds in an American context, they are not the type of ammunition one would use when squirrel hunting – or even deer hunting. In a Mexican cartel context, the rounds would almost certainly be headed for use in a Browning M2 belt-fed machine gun or perhaps a .50 caliber sniper rifle.

Mexico’s early-November seizure comes only days after Texas authorities discovered what they allege was a stateside straw purchase of 600 rounds of the same caliber whose final destination was also in Mexico.

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