“Hamas Must Go”—Hillary Clinton Opposes the Cease-Fire

(RepublicanNews.org) – The woman who helmed the U.S. State Department during the Middle East and North African “Arab Spring,” which led to multiple regional civil wars, and who laughed upon learning of Muammar Gaddafi’s death, now appears to have said she is in favor of even more fighting. In a November 14th piece published in The Atlantic, Hillary Clinton rejected international calls for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and opined “Hamas must go.”

The former First Lady wrote that a pause in hostilities between Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas fighters would only hinder the chances of finding a long-term solution for regional peace. Clinton referenced the events that kicked off the conflict on October 7th and reminded readers that terrorists had killed infants, sexually assaulted women, and murdered scores of Israeli civilians.

The one-time Democratic presidential nominee further cited the 200-plus hostages that remain prisoners of Hamas and said the Islamic radicals have proven time and again that they will refuse to abide by an arranged truce. A cease-fire, she argued, would serve no purpose aside from giving the Palestinian group an opportunity to re-arm and re-group itself.

After a period of rest and restocking, Hamas would only continue to perpetuate the area’s never-ending “cycle of violence,”’ she said. Clinton wrote that “Hamas deliberately places” munitions and arms inside refugee camps and beneath hospitals because the organization is purposely trying to maximize the number of civilian casualties for reasons of propaganda.

Israel has long claimed that Hamas shelters its fighters and weapons in civilian enclaves. Their invasion of Gaza has given the Jewish State the chance to verify their allegations.

A number of videos have been released by the IDF that purport to show weapons, missiles, and other supplies being uncovered in places like schools, mosques, and hospitals. One of the latest pieces of footage released by Israel’s military appears to show a Hamas tunnel opening in a Palestinian hospital complex.

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