Harris Claims She Doesn’t Know Who Trump Owes Money to Despite Info Being Public

Harris Claims She Doesn't Know Who Trump Owes Money to Despite Info Being Public

(RepublicanNews.org) – Democratic vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris did her best to create controversy during the Oct. 7 debate with current Vice President Mike Pence. However, that information is readily available online if one has a spare second to look it up.

Harris complained about recent allegations regarding President Donald Trump’s taxes and an estimated debt of slightly more than $400 million. Of course, this is all a distraction. As NBC News anchor Andrea Mitchell pointed out, Harris failed to answer one of the most critical questions of the campaign — would Democrats pack the Supreme Court given the opportunity?”

As to the president’s debts, the Office of Government Ethics posted his 2019 financial disclosure form. Page 35 listed 14 creditors with over $500 million in debts, more than adequately answering Harris’ ridiculous question.

Perhaps, she should focus her attention on matters of concern to Americans like the campaign’s position on gun rights, the economy, and healthcare instead of focusing on the president’s private business concerns.

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