Harris Mocked for Confusing Word Salad During Interview

(RepublicanNews.org) – “This is the most election of our lifetime.” That’s the quote from Vice President Kamala Harris that has some people mocking her, for once again embarking on a dizzying word salad interview, this time on MSNBC.

It’s not uncommon for politicians to slip up, especially when they’re speaking off the cuff, without prepared remarks. President Joe Biden mostly stays out of trouble when he sticks to the teleprompter, but Vice President Harris has consistently rambled incoherently, raising questions about her ability to competently take over for Biden in the event that he steps down or faces a health crisis, or worse.

The awkward interview caught lots of attention online. Users on X (formerly Twitter) were quick to mock the Veep, with one Xer posting that Harris “might be worse” at public speaking than Biden. Another X user wrote that Harris went “full Xanax and weed” with her bizarre comments, comparing her to someone intoxicated to the point of incoherence.

In March, Harris dazzled listeners at the White House for a Women’s History Month event, saying, she wanted to honor the women who “made history throughout history.”

In July, she let loose with a confusing spiel about culture, ending with her typical peal of out-of-place, raucous laughter.

Harris’s near-constant gaffes raise concerns about her potential ascendency, given Biden’s age (81) and apparent decline. Democrats show no signs of replacing Biden as a candidate for president, but the most obvious replacement would be Harris. With less than a month before the first primaries and no clear alternative, it seems likely that Democrats will take Biden and Harris to November’s election since replacing an incumbent at this stage would be unheard of.

Perhaps no one can put this moment in time into context better than Harris, when she gave a speech at Howard University in April of this year, telling the gathered students and faculty, “It’s very important… for us at every moment in time… to see the moment in time.”

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