Harris Still Won’t Talk about Abortion Limits

(RepublicanNews.org) – The person second-in-line to the Presidency has refused to tell voters what her views on abortion limitations are. In a CBS interview that aired on September 10th, Vice President Kamala Harris was asked if she backs gestational limits on the procedure by Margaret Brennan. Instead of directly answering, Harris pushed the line of questioning elsewhere.

What do “you believe,” Brennan asked her. At what point in the carrying of a child “should abortion access” be limited, she queried. Harris only replied that Roe v. Wade needed to be reinstituted. When Brennan pointed out that the landmark decision was vague in regard to limitations on the procedure, Harris deflected the assertion and instead focused on promoting the protections offered under Roe v. Wade.

Harris then went further and stated that “Congress has” the authority “to pass legislation” that would override the Supreme Court’s decision. The VP added that President Biden would sign any such bill into law. Harris’ answer did not satisfy her interviewer and Brennan pressed again.

The anchor asked her subject if potential legislation would “need to be specific” in regard to “defining” what limitations the law would cover. “Which week” does “that guarantee” of a right to abortion extend “up to,” she pressed. Harris again said that “the protections” covered under Roe v. Wade need to be “put back in place.”

The CBS mainstay appeared unsatisfied and refused to move off the topic. Brennan then asked the VP if she felt an obligation “to be more” specific in regard to accusations from conservative legislators that say Democrats largely support abortion up through the first moments a baby is born. Harris referred to Brennan’s assertion as a “mischaracterization” and called it “ridiculous.”

The VP then insisted that she was already “being precise” by insisting that Roe v. Wade be reimplemented. A day before the interview aired, Harris could be seen dancing at a Hip Hop party.

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