Here’s How Trump Has Improved Immigration Policy

Here's How Trump Has Improved Immigration Policy

( – Lawmakers have debated immigration policy for decades. The system currently in use relies on laws enacted between 1965 and 1990. Lawmakers appear to be frightened to take on the challenging task of reforming immigration, concerned over losing support from emerging demographics based largely on immigration, legal and otherwise.

As the White House website notes, US immigration policy must serve the national interests. Until recently, mass waves of unchallenged illegal immigrants bypassed systems mandated under antiquated systems. These systematic breakdowns adversely impacted border security and the rule of law for all Americans.

Additionally, recent studies show rising illegal immigration creates harm for lawful citizens through decreased availability of jobs, lowered wages, and changes in US Representatives’ allocation due to the inclusion of foreign nations in the national census.

The Trump Administration Pushes Back

President Donald Trump’s administration has done an outstanding job of pushing back against the antiquated system. His decisive leadership on the issue has created significant policy shifts regarding immigration and border security.

For example, the president ordered several procedural changes in the last couple of years, like increasing fees in October 2020 for individuals applying for naturalization and asylum seekers through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. These increases help offset the cost of immigration programs, effectively streamlining the process from an economic perspective.

Additionally, the administration increased the testing criteria for basic English proficiency and knowledge of United States civics and history to help evaluate and improve the process of integration for prospective new citizens. Policies were also updated to screen individuals potentially draining assistance programs like Medicaid, public housing, and food stamps.

Immigration reform is a daunting task, at best. However, President Trump understands that immigrating to the United States is a privilege, not a right, and he has implemented many significant changes to the nation’s policy.

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