Herschel Walker ELECTION Update – A Big Swing!

Herschel's Path To Winning May Not Come Easy

Herschel’s Path To Winning May Not Come Easy

(RepublicanNews.org) – The fate of the Senate hangs in the balance after Herschel Walker, a Republican candidate, and his Democratic opponent, Senator Raphael Warnock, both failed to achieve at least 50% of Georgia’s vote. Now, the race is heading to a December 6 runoff, giving each candidate just four weeks to win over voters. Walker has already faced a tough race, and his path to winning the runoff is no different.

The Republican Senate candidate has faced controversy and scandals throughout his campaign, but there’s one big problem for him going into the December runoff: Governor Brian Kemp won’t be on the ballot. The presence of Walker’s fellow Republican, who got over the 50% hurdle with ease, should’ve been a booster for the Senate hopeful.

A GOP operative declared Walker was going into the runoff race as an underdog. Fox News indicates Kemp had over 200,000 more votes than the Senate hopeful, who trailed Warnock by nearly 35,000 votes. Another GOP operative declared the difference between Kemp and Walker was likely due to suburban voters, who wanted a Republican as governor but decided to vote for a Democratic senator.

The operative noted that’s what the Senate hopeful’s biggest challenge will be, winning over suburban voters. In order for Walker to get into the endzone and win this runoff, he’ll need to win over third-party constituents as well as those who supported Warnock. Additionally, the Republican will need the same turnout rate, if not a higher, from Georgia’s rural communities.

The fate of the Senate truly depends on the Peach State race as Democrats have 48 seats with two Independents siding with the Left. If Warnock wins, it’ll hand liberals another Senate seat, giving them a true majority with 51 seats.

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