Hillary Clinton Goes FULL Tinfoil Hat – Media Eats It Up!

Hillary Clinton Warns Dems About MAGA Candidates

Hillary Clinton Warns Dems About MAGA Candidates

(RepublicanNews.org) – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has not been shy about her feelings regarding former President Donald Trump and so-called MAGA Republicans. During a recent interview with Forbes Newsroom, the longtime politician said every conservative has to lose their race in November because the country is at stake.

On October 21, the former presidential candidate made a video that appeared on Twitter, addressing who she referred to as the “indivisibles.” Clinton said the midterm elections are important but urged voters to look ahead to the 2024 presidential race. She claimed, “right-wing extremists” are planning to steal the election in two years and urged Americans to put a stop to the possibility.

The Democrat asked listeners to support an initiative called “crush the coup,” calling the issue “urgent.” Indivisible Guide shared the clip on social media, naming MAGA Republicans as the opponents in the effort. Neither Clinton nor the group provided any evidence that any such sinister plan was in the works but pushed the idea anyway.

During her September sit-down with Forbes, Clinton said the Republican party today is unrecognizable to her. The former first lady said America needs to find more “common ground” and move away from the polarization currently happening in US politics.

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