Hillary Clinton Says Angela Merkel Was True Leader of Free World Under Trump

Hillary Clinton Says Angela Merkel Was True Leader of Free World Under Trump

(RepublicanNews.org) – Competitors always seem to have something to say about each other. In severe enough cases, they may even become outright enemies harboring deep-seated grudges that last for life. Apparently, Hillary Clinton is still salty about her presidential election loss to Donald Trump in 2016.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently stepped down from her position after becoming Germany’s first female leader nearly 16 years ago. Hillary Clinton quickly took to Twitter to compliment Merkel and her leadership skills. She also took advantage of the opportunity to direct a terrible jab at Trump.

The problematic comment lies at the end of her tweet. Clinton pointed out that during Merkel’s 16-year tenure, she effectively served as the leader of the free world for four of those years.

Why does it matter? That designation is typically associated with America’s POTUS — not foreign leaders. Clinton tried to spitefully take that auspicious award away from Trump by publicly handing it over to Merkel.

The jab doesn’t come as a surprise; Clinton and Trump openly attack each other fairly often. Yet, her bitterness often feels unprecedented. Some feel it stems from her failure to win the 2016 election. The two candidates fiercely attacked each other on the campaign trail at the time, resulting in a months-long battle.

Clinton was too focused on attacking Trump personally rather than focusing on what the country needed during the race. Did that contribute to her downfall?

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