Historian Says American “Revolution” Is Currently Taking Place

(RepublicanNews.org) – Conservative historian and professor Victor Davis Hanson sat down with Tucker Carlson for 30 minutes on October 2nd and bluntly told the former Fox host that our nation is in the midst “of a revolution.” In only three days, the Twitter-aired interview had garnered almost 40 million views and nearly 10,000 unique comments.

In his opening monologue, Carlson briefly discussed former President Trump’s ongoing trial for civil fraud. As the episode transitioned into Hanson’s first few words, the topic remained front and center, with the historian opining that Trump was being pursued legally because he represents an “existential threat” to the status quo.

“By association,” Hanson said, Democrats view “half the country” with the same disdain. Trump and his base are an obstacle that stands in the way of “their vision” for what they want the nation to be transformed into, the historian added. Hanson told his host that progressives are engaging in their own unique form of Machiavellianism where they justify “whatever means necessary” to maintain their grasp on power.

The professor referenced the massive influx of illegal aliens across America’s Southern border and said in no uncertain terms that it was part of an effort to “change the system.” Hanson told Carlson that Democrats are well aware that “their agenda” has failed to appeal to more than half of the population. As a result, the system is being forced to import “new constituencies,” he conveyed.

Carlson then asked Hanson what the nation could expect if Democrats are able to retain control of the Executive Branch in 2024. He responded that it would likely translate into progressives winning majorities in both the House and Senate. If that were to happen, Hanson warned, they were apt to allow another “10 or 15 million illegal immigrants” to pour across the border.

He hypothesized that migrants would then be confined to Southern states with the goal of completely changing the nation’s demographics.

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