Holyoke Incident: What We Know

(RepublicanNews.org) – A pregnant mother tragically lost her unborn child after being hit by a stray bullet on October 4th in a small Massachusetts town about an hour and a half outside Boston. According to Holyoke authorities, the unnamed mother in question was guilty of nothing except traveling from point A to point B on public transportation.

Her death was said to be the result of a street fight that escalated outside her bus between three local men, one of whom was already reportedly facing a separate September charge for illegally possessing a firearm. After being struck, the mother-to-be was rushed to a nearby hospital, where staff delivered her baby prematurely with the hope of saving it.

Sadly, their efforts were to no avail, and the infant died. The child’s mother remains in the hospital in critical condition. Two of the three alleged suspects in the dispute have been arrested and arraigned on murder charges. Law enforcement officials have not released the name of the third suspect, but they have said they are aware of who he is and are actively searching for him.

At least one of the suspects was also hit by gunfire. Instead of being taken straight to jail, 30-year-old Johnluis Sanchez was transported to a nearby medical center. His injuries were serious enough to warrant extended treatment and the alleged criminal was arraigned from his hospital bed two days after the initial shooting.

In addition to his fresh charge for murder in the first degree, Sanchez will have to answer for a previous gun charge that was only about six weeks old. The suspect has a lengthy jacket dating back almost a decade and has faced a number of charges related to violence. Five years ago, Sanchez briefly spent time in jail for a separate firearms possession charge.

A second suspect, 22-year-old Alejandro Ramos, has also been charged with murder in the first degree. He is currently behind bars.

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