Horses Are No Longer Being Used at the Southern Border

Horses Are No Longer Being Used at the Southern Border

( – With the humanitarian crisis unfolding at the Southern Border, those patrolling the area are already at a significant disadvantage. Border Patrol is doing its best to keep conditions humane but is running low on resources. Now, they could be even further diminished. 

After recent images of Border Patrol agents riding on horses depicted them allegedly whipping Haitian immigrants, Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, indicated the Biden administration would no longer allow agents on horseback. Despite the images, DHS officials stated the alleged whips were actually the reins agents use to control their horses. 

Several Democrats have publicly expressed their dismay for the alleged treatment of the immigrants by the horseback riders. Vice President Harris asserted horse-mounted agents should never treat any human as videos showed the immigrants were treated. The change in policy at the border comes as President Biden has essentially stood by while thousands of migrants camped in squalor under the Acuna-Del Rio International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas. 

For Border Patrol agents, it’s another critical blow. Horses have been part of border protection from before the federal agency was established and allow agents to reach areas where other transportation is futile. The move by the Biden administration is undoubtedly a gut-punch to the Border Patrol’s morale. 

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