Hostage Advocates Worried About Joe Biden’s Latest Afghanistan Order

Hostage Advocates Worried About Joe Biden's Latest Afghanistan Order

( – When it comes to withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden appears to have floundered. Earlier this year, he postponed an agreement to withdraw remaining troops from the region. The date was pushed from May 1 to September 11, 2021. Now, a new report indicates additional problems associated with the administration’s handling of troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.

The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation, a long-standing advocacy group supporting the release of US hostages, released its “Bringing Americans Home 2021” report on June 9.

According to the report’s findings, Biden’s decision to remove all troops from the region will increase difficulties associated with generating the intelligence data necessary to finding American hostages in Afghanistan and conducting rescue missions.

The report also discussed concerns that the reduction of a US-based “physical presence” in the region would decrease the “leverage” required to “make progress on resolving [hostage] cases.”

The Biden administration claims it will continue to maintain a US Embassy in Afghanistan. Still, some say it will become increasingly difficult to retain diplomatic missions there if the Afghan government collapses in the wake of US troop withdrawal.

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