House Committees May Subpoena CIA Over Biden Laptop

( – The so-called “laptop from hell” belonging to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, now threatens to ensnare the CIA in a Congressional investigation.

In a May 16th letter to the agency, the heads of the House Judiciary and the House Intelligence committees told the CIA Congress may “resort to compulsory process” if the CIA does not produce the unredacted documents lawmakers are looking for.

Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan and Intelligence Chair Mike Turner want to know to what extent the CIA may have cooperated with Biden Administration efforts to stall the investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop. The laptop, left at a computer repair shop in Delaware by Hunter Biden, was discovered and the contents given to the New York Post.

The Post published a story about the laptop three weeks before the 2020 presidential election. The story alleged that the computer showed evidence of shady business dealings by the Biden family that implicated the President.

In an unprecedented set of circumstances, the social media site Twitter banned the New York Post’s entire account for publishing the story. Nearly all U.S. mainstream media quickly repeated the President’s preferred narrative that the laptop was “fake” and a product of “Russian disinformation.”

Jordan and Turner are trying to find out if the CIA helped solicit signatures for a letter that tried to discredit the laptop as Russian propaganda. One of the key people involved behind the scenes in the letter is Secretary of State Antony Blinken, once a foreign policy advisor for the Biden presidential campaign, and a deputy secretary of state under former President Barack Obama.

The laptop’s contents have since been authenticated, though mainstream U.S. media continues to treat it as if it were not a significant political story.

Jim Jordan and Mike Turner have said that the letter suggesting the laptop was Russian propaganda was really a “political operation to help elect” Joe Biden as President. The letter was signed by 51 prominent political officials and operatives.

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