House Gun Control Bill Passes, Will Likely Halt in the Senate

House Gun Control Bill Passes, Will Likely Halt in the Senate

Democrats Are Pulling Another STUNT Involving Children

( – A recent string of mass shootings has led to Democrats aggressively pushing for gun control. Unsurprisingly, the US House of Representatives recently passed legislation concerning firearms. Despite the success, it’s unlikely the bill will make it past the Senate, where Republicans split the chamber of Congress evenly with Democrats.

Following the shootings in Tulsa, Uvalde, and Buffalo, Democrats are using these tragedies to boost their gun law efforts. It appears to have worked in the House, where five Republicans joined Democrats to help pass the legislation.

The “Protect Our Kids” bill combines several proposals from Democrats such as raising the minimum required age to purchase a semi-automatic gun to 21. Additional measures include limiting magazine capacity to 15 rounds, adding incentives to encourage safe storage of firearms, making mental health programs better, improving background checks, and boosting security in schools.

While the House passed the legislation with a 223-204 vote, with one Republican recusing themself, it’s unlikely the bill will have the same fate in the Senate. Republicans and Democrats evenly split the Senate 50-50. In order to secure the vote the Left would need 10 conservatives to side in their favor, assuming all Democrats would agree to pass the legislation. Republicans have a history of protecting gun rights and preserving the Second Amendment, giving the bill little chance of exceeding the 60-vote threshold needed to bypass the filibuster.

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