House Opens Hearings on Big Tech/Gov Collusion

( – Those who wonder if social media giants have been colluding with the Biden administration may soon have answers as the House Oversight and Accountability Committee opened hearings on the matter February 8th.

Former Twitter executives will be on the hot seat as chairman James Comer tries to find out how and why the social media platform hid news unflattering to the Biden administration. When the nation’s oldest newspaper, the New York Post, broke a story in 2020 about a laptop full of compromising information that belonged to the President’s son, Hunter, Twitter almost immediately banned the Post’s account.

Twitter did not merely take down the “offending” tweet; it banished the New York Post’s Twitter account entirely for at least a week before the 2020 elections. Twitter users who tried to link to the story, or even discuss the subject matter, found their posts censored by Twitter. Some users themselves were banned from the platform entirely.

Among the witnesses called were former twitter head of “Trust and Safety” Yoel Roth, and former head of Legal Vijaya Gadde. Both have been accused of making up Twitter rules on the spot, or applying violations policies randomly in order to selectively silence conservative voices.

Both legal observers and a large portion of the American population believe Twitter actively colluded with the Biden administration to help ensure President Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 presidential elections.

Oversight Subcommittee chairman Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, said “big tech autocrats wield their unchecked power” to silence Americans who disagree with leftist political and social goals. He praised Elon Musk for buying Twitter in October of 2022 and working to end the company’s apparent partisan censorship.

Musk fired executives Roth and Gadde a few months after buying the company.

Comer’s opening statement said that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become de facto public squares where citizens gather to learn news and share information and opinion. It is their responsibility to ensure that the information they publicize is accurate and fair.

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