House Wants Answers from Twitter on Biden Laptop

( – Presidential son Hunter Biden is finally admitting what everyone knows:  The “laptop from hell” really is his. But the younger Biden wants to paint himself as a victim, with his lawyers claiming political opponents “weaponized” the laptop.

Meanwhile the House of Representatives wants Twitter executives to talk about why the social media company apparently colluded with Biden campaign goals by censoring the story. The House Oversight and Accountability Committee has set a hearing on the matter for February 8. 

News broke in late 2022 about a laptop apparently left by Hunter Biden at a computer repair shop. The New York Post, America’s oldest newspaper, broke the story just before the 2020 presidential elections. The laptop allegedly contained salacious images and videos of the President’s son engaged in various intimate acts along with apparent drug use.

Twitter not only banned the Post’s tweet about the story, but shut down the newspaper’s entire Twitter account. Observers across the political spectrum agreed that it appeared that Twitter had an interest in the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

House Oversight chairman James Comer, R-Ky., said citizens deserve to know more about what he calls “this attack on the First Amendment.” Comer is particularly interested in why large social media companies such as Twitter “colluded” to suppress information unflattering to President Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden appears to be hoping he can craft an image of victimization for himself. Hunter Biden’s attorneys sent a letter to the Delaware Attorney General demanding an investigation into how the issue of his client’s laptop was “weaponized.”

Comer is aiming questions about the Biden family’s business dealings to other government agencies and social media bosses, too. In January he demanded details about these business affairs from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Comer also wants to hear from former Twitter executives Yoel Roth (formerly head of Trust and Safety at Twitter until he was fired by Elon Musk), and  former head of legal at Twitter Vijaya Gadde.

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