How to Find Credible News Sources

How to Find Credible News Sources

( – Fake news has been on the rise in recent months, with the mainstream media spearheading misinformation campaigns intended to lead Americans astray. Finding your way around information on the internet can be daunting with so much information floating around.

Fortunately, there’s a system called the CRAAP Test to help you find reliable news sources.

Developed by a group of librarians working out of Cal-State University, Chico, the program looks at five points:

  1. Currency: Is the information up to date? If not, when was the last time it was updated?
  2. Relevancy: Is the information pertinent to what you are hoping to find? Is it straightforward, and does it relate directly to the subject matter you are seeking?
  3. Authority: Who wrote the article? Are they an expert in the field or someone credentialled? What is the reputation of the source?
  4. Accuracy: Is the source reliable? Can you confirm the information elsewhere? Is it on a news site or information circulating on social media or from someone’s blog?
  5. Purpose: What’s the purpose of the site, to inform readers or to entertain them? Is it a satire site? Is it slanted far to the left or the right, or does it objectively present the news?

Finding credible news sources is increasingly difficult. However, this set of tools is an excellent start to navigating the sometimes dubious realm of modern news reporting.

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