Human Remains Found Split Between 3 Suitcases

( – Police in Florida’s Delray Beach are saying that human remains discovered inside three different suitcases belong to one individual. The shocking find along the Intracoastal Waterway was made on July 21st following a 911 call from a construction worker who said they had seen “something strange” floating in the water.

Officers responded and detectives confirmed that the suitcase contents were human. A few hours later, authorities received more calls about additional suitcases being in the water. More searching yielded another two suitcases.

Russ Mager, the Delray Beach Chief of Police, confirmed that the remains “were deemed to be” from the “same” individual during a July 24th news conference. Chief Mager said he hoped an autopsy would provide more information, but conveyed that the victim remains unidentified.

Officials say the body appears to be that of a female between 35 and 55 years of age. The deceased seems to be of Latin American or Caucasian descent and would stand about 5 feet 4 inches tall.

The woman’s hair was light brown and authorities say she may have had eyebrows that were tattooed. The victim was found wearing a Brazilian-made tank top featuring a floral pattern and was wearing a black camisole-style shirt beneath it. She was also wearing black shorts, authorities say.

Sgt. Casey Kelly of the Delray PD said the department believes the victim was placed in the water between July 17th and July 20th. They added that authorities “have yet to determine” the time of death because the victim was already “in the early stages” of decay.

Kelly further stated that missing person reports have gleaned no successful matches to the victim, and no evidence has been found thus far that would link the death to domestic violence, human trafficking, or drug use.

Police have said the area of interest is approximately one mile long, but officials concede that the suitcases could have been placed in the water in another county.

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