Hunter Admitted It: Massive Payment from Chinese Firm

( – Contradictions continue to pile up for President Joe Biden with his son’s lawyer admitting to a U.S. District Judge on July 26th that Hunter Biden was paid $664 thousand in 2017 by a Chinese energy company. In March, the President told a reporter that alleged payments from a Chinese entity to three members of the Biden family totaling more than $1 million never happened.

“That’s not true,” President Biden told the reporter then.

During the younger Biden’s latest hearing, his attorney acknowledged to Judge Maryellen Noreika that for the 2017 calendar year, Hunter Biden earned a “substantial” amount of income. His lawyer, Chris Clark, told Noreika that his client received just shy of $1 million from a partnership company he had formed with the CEO of Chinese business BHR Partners.

Clark added that the President’s son had further received a total of $664 thousand from CEFC, a Chinese energy enterprise linked to the CCP by default. The lawyer also said he had received about $666 thousand from his stateside interests.

Clark then stated income amounts that Hunter Biden had made over a two-year period while serving on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma. In addition to earning $500 thousand in director’s fees, the younger Biden was paid $2.3 million in 2017 during his first year on the board and another $2.1 million the following year.

During a 2020 debate with President Donald Trump, Biden stated that his son had “not made money” from interests in “China.” He went on to say that the only person who had profited from their relationships with the Chinese was President Trump.

President Biden has also made several statements in which he denied having knowledge of or discussing his son’s business dealings with him over the years. However, text messages written by Hunter Biden in 2017 and released in June of this year appear to contradict the President’s position.

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