Hunter And Joe Might Be In Hot Water

( – A former New Jersey Superior Court Judge has claimed the Biden family – including President Joe and first son Hunter – could be in “hot water” as House Republicans continue to probe into a possible impeachment.

The James Comer-led House Oversight Committee has persistently been investigating the Bidens since Republicans took control of the House at the start of 2023. Their hunt, which has included witness testimony and subpoenaed bank records, has been aimed at finding incriminating evidence against the President to prove he financially benefitted from his son’s foreign business dealings while he was vice president.

So far, no conclusive evidence has been found, causing skepticism among Republicans in supporting what some may say is a partisan effort to impeach the President. This division prompted then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy to withdraw a planned impeachment inquiry vote in September, just weeks before he was ousted by members of his own party.

New Speaker Mike Johnson has raised the idea of an inquiry vote in recent days, and a conference with all Republicans reportedly saw no objections to the idea at the start of December. Given the GOP’s slim majority, only four Representatives would need to break ranks for the vote to fail.

However, were the vote to succeed, then GOP lawmakers would have greater power to investigate the Biden family, which could prove troublesome, according to former state court judge Andrew Napolitano.

In an interview with Newsmax, Napolitano said the President would be in “hot water” if Republicans, or the IRS, tried to pursue the hunt for wrongdoing. He asked what the President was “paid for,” suggesting that he may have been paid for “some official favor” during his tenure as vice president.

Napolitano added that it would be too late to prosecute the President if evidence was found, but impeachment proceedings could begin while he was still in the White House.

The Biden family and the White House deny all wrongdoing.

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