Hunter Biden Demands Public Testimony In Impeachment Inquiry

( – Attorneys for first son Hunter Biden have indicated his desire to testify publicly to the House Oversight Committee on December 13th, according to a letter sent to panel Chairman James Comer.

The Republican-led Committee subpoenaed Hunter as part of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Specifically, the HOC is seeking to prove wrongdoing during his tenure as Vice President under Barack Obama.

Hunter’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell wrote to the panel that it had used behind-closed-doors hearings to “manipulate, even distort the facts” to misinform the public, proposing to “open the door” to the inquiry.

Comer struck back at the letter in a social media post on Tuesday morning, accusing Hunter Biden of attempting to “play by his own rules” in contradiction to previous witness testimony away from the public eye. This was met with Democratic criticism from Rep. Jamie Raskin, who accused the GOP of fearing the truth.

In recent months, Republicans have ramped up their impeachment investigation into the President. The Committee has heard from business associates of Hunter and subpoenaed bank documents belonging to the family.

In September, then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced a formal inquiry in a bid to find conclusive evidence that President Biden benefited from his son’s foreign business dealings a decade ago. Despite intense efforts, a lack of damning evidence means that any formal impeachment vote in the House of Representatives is likely to fail due to skeptical Republicans in a deeply divided GOP.

Unlike the Trump family, Lowell argued, Hunter has never served in public office or worked in a family business, and is a private citizen in the eyes of the law. Lowell echoed a concern shared among House Republicans in Democratic states that the investigation into Hunter – which is separate from his own legal issues – is politically motivated.

Hunter Biden won’t be the only member of the Biden family to face the Committee, with the President’s brother, James, set to testify on December 6th.

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