Hunter Biden Is Starting a Shady New ‘Art’ Career in LA

Hunter Biden Is Starting a Shady New 'Art' Career in LA

( – Controversy continues to surround Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. He’s the target of at least two investigations led by the United States Attorney offices in Delaware and the Southern District of New York for his taxes, business dealings in China and Ukraine, and possible money laundering.

The younger Biden recently settled into a new house and art career in Los Angeles, supposedly as part of an effort to lay low amid his mounting legal problems. However, according to recent media reports, there’s reason to believe Hunter is continuing his pattern of engaging in questionable business practices.

For instance, Hunter is preparing an art exhibition with New York City art dealer Georges Berges. As it turns out, Berges has a bit of a shady history. For example, in 2018, he settled a lawsuit out of court for reportedly defrauding an investor.

In 1998, Berges served 90 days in jail and received three years of probation for making terrorist threats and assault with a deadly weapon. Additionally, he reportedly has strong ties to China.

It remains a mystery why Biden would associate with an individual with a criminal history and connections to Communist China. We will keep you updated as more details emerge.

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