Hunter Biden Wants Investigation Into Former Associate

( – Before brushing off the latest developments in Hunter Biden’s legal defense as nothing more than a “fingers crossed” effort on the part of his defense team, readers should be aware that his head lawyer, Abbe Lowell, has what most would consider a stellar track record. In August, Senator Robert Menendez retained Lowell for the second time in the face of federal corruption charges.

Lowell’s first representation of the New Jersey lawmaker resulted in a mistrial through a hung jury. At the time, Menendez had similarly been charged with corruption. His deadlocked pool of peers allowed the lawmaker to walk out of court worry-free in 2017 and back into the halls of Congress.

Despite Lowell representing President Joe Biden’s son on his well-known gun and tax charges, Hunter Biden has had his attorney pen a letter to Washington, D.C.’s most senior federal prosecutor about matters that many would likely say appear unrelated. Through his counsel, the younger Biden has asked D.C.’s top attorney to investigate his ex-business partner and former friend, Tony Bobulinski.

The letter, which NBC covered in a November 3rd piece, said that team Hunter Biden “recently received information” showing that Mr. Bobulinski gave “numerous statements” to the FBI in October 2020 about Hunter Biden that contained false information.

In both a number of media appearances and in congressional testimony, Bobulinski has claimed that 10% of a Hunter Biden-led business deal with a Chinese entity was set aside for his father, Joe Biden. Years-old text exchanges from Hunter Biden referencing that deal referred to an unnamed partner in the arrangement as “the big guy.”

Bobulinski has insisted that the term was the identifying moniker for then-Vice President Biden. Though it does not mention specifics, Lowell’s letter says that “the materials” his team is in possession of reveal the unusual lengths Mr. Bobulinski went to to implicate his client.

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