Hunter Biden Was Due Significant Pay From China Starting in 2019

Hunter Biden Was Due Significant Pay From China Starting In 2019

( – Controversy continues to swell around Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, regarding his foreign business deals. He’s been named in potentially criminal conduct in Ukraine-based Burisma Holdings. He’s also implicated in possible misconduct with Chinese energy companies, private equity funds, and asset management companies.

Most recently, newly-exposed emails allegedly sent by Hunter Biden reveal he’s the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation launched by federal authorities. His business deals in China are apparently the focus of that inquiry.

According to the emails, the younger Biden’s business partners told him to expect “significant” payments from a Chinese-based private equity company named BHR beginning in 2019. Additionally, he was told to expect income from that firm for a “couple of years.”

Of particular note, the emails contradict a statement made by his lawyer in October 2019 stating Hunter hadn’t received any earnings from BHR.

So far, no criminal charges have emerged as a result of the investigation. However, there appears to be an ever-growing amount of smoke surrounding him these days. One has to wonder if there isn’t a significant underlying fire.

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