Hypocritical Squad Members Sure Spend a Lot on Security

Hypocritical Squad Members Sure Spend a Lot on Security

(RepublicanNews.org) – Members of the leftist Congressional octet known as “the squad” have been shelling out massive amounts of money in the form of campaign funds for private security protection. The combined sum spent by three of their members, all of whom have promoted “defund the police” policies in the past, totals approximately $1.2 million.

Missouri Democrat Cori Bush spent almost three times as much on security services as her closest squad-mate, with a total of nearly $750,000. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York came in at the number two spot, spending more than $270,000. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota reportedly dropped over $125,000 as the third-highest spender.

The attorney for a conservative nonprofit that monitors the actions and ethics of public officials pointed out the apparent conflict of interest in their expenditures. Paul Kamenar, a lawyer with the National Legal and Policy Center, said that the legislators have no problem purchasing security services for themselves but have no apparent concerns for the protection “of their constituents.”

According to the New York Post, Rep. Bush doled out almost $400,000 to a conservative-owned pro-Second Amendment security firm based in St. Louis. The lawmaker has consistently voiced her support for various gun control efforts.

Earlier this year, an ethics complaint was lodged against the legislator after it was learned that she had paid her husband almost $75,000 for private protection using funds from her campaign. It was later discovered that her partner did not have the license required to provide those services.

Previous reports showed that AOC was spending $3,000 monthly on security as of early 2021. The Democrat from NY further spent over $20,000 on private cyber protection and was reported to have paid over $1,500 for a personal security detail when visiting Houston. Ilhan Omar is also known to have spent thousands of dollars on protection in her home of Minnesota.

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