ICFS Denounces Transgender Athlete’s Competition Performance

(RepublicanNews.org) – A transgender powerlifter blew her biologically female counterparts out of the water during a national competition in Canada on August 13th. 40-year-old Anne Andres, who identifies as a trans woman but was born male, won the competition with a final lifting total that was more than 400 pounds higher than her nearest female rival. Andres easily set a new national record.

The International Consortium on Female Sports (ICFS), a group dedicated to fairness in women’s sports, immediately condemned these theatrics. The organization mocked the lifter via Twitter and called her score illegitimate. It was a “mediocre lift” from a “mediocre male,” they tweeted.

In their preamble, the ICFS cites the U.N.’s International Bill of Human Rights. The group insists via the U.N.’s own policies that discrimination against women in all forms must be eliminated. In referencing Article 7 of the bill, they say that both girls and adult women have the right to participate in and access sports that are fair, safe, and lack discrimination.

The Canadian Powerlifting Union, which oversaw Andres’ new record, currently allows individuals who identify as transgender to participate in competitions. The organization does not have restrictions in regard to surgeries or the use of hormones. Trans athletes need only “identify” as the gender in which they wish to compete.

Following his record-setting day, Andres took to Instagram to gloat over her victory. He conveyed that he won “every masters record” along with two other unofficial records. In previous statements, the 40-year-old trans woman has made fun of her naturally female competition. Why are the real women “so bad,” she once asked.

April Hutchinson, a woman who has been a powerlifter with the CPU for several years, said that legitimate females in the sport are fed up with the organization’s policy that allows people who were born and/or raised as men to compete alongside them. She said her boyfriend could walk into a competition “tomorrow” and be allowed to compete so long as he tells the administrators that he is “a female.”

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