Iconic Woman From Photo Has Officially Escaped the Taliban

Iconic Woman From Photo Has Officially Escaped the Taliban

(RepublicanNews.org) – The media has focused intensely on Afghanistan since the Biden administration blundered its way through the withdrawal of troops from the region. As a result of multiple failures, the Taliban was ultimately able to step into power in late August 2021. Yet, war is far from a new concept in the Middle East; the region has faced repeated incidents of unrest and conflict for decades.

Back in 1984, Steve McCurry took a photo of a 12-year-old girl at a refugee camp in Pakistan after Afghan civilians successfully fled Soviet troops. As luck would have it, Sharbat Gula’s photograph made it to the cover of National Geographic in 1985. Now, nearly four decades later, the young girl in the photo has finally made it out of Afghanistan alive after she begged authorities to help her escape.

Italian Premier Mario Draghi heard Gula’s pleas, responded and assisted her in reaching safety. The Italian government said it would help Gula resettle in Italy in a statement from the Premier’s office. Draghi’s office asserted that McCurry’s photo of Gula became a symbol of Afghanistan’s struggle at that period.

In 2002, McCurry found Gula married to a baker with three children in a remote Afghan village. By 2014, the young woman was living in Pakistan, where authorities accused her of having a fake identity and deported her. The President of Afghanistan honored Gula upon her arrival in Kabul in 2016, handing her and her four children keys to an apartment.

Now, Gula will call Italy home in the wake of the Taliban takeover. Despite the previous Taliban regime’s actions, the current ruling party of Afghanistan vows to respect women’s rights. Only time will tell whether or not they’re sincere.

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