Ilhan Omar’s Husband Gets COVID “Relief” For Business Despite Receiving Millions From Wife

Ilhan Omar's Husband Gets COVID

( – Progressive firebrand and founding member of “The Squad,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) doesn’t appear to have seen an opportunity she didn’t want to latch onto. Her official Congressional website notes her support for student loan debt forgiveness, government-sponsored healthcare, nationwide paid family leave, and so forth.

A December 7 New York Post article reported her husband, Tim Mynett, received nearly $635,000 in funds from government programs created to provide economic relief to businesses experiencing cash shortages due to the coronavirus pandemic. As Fox News host Jesse Watters explained in the clip below, he managed to get his hands on cash when ordinary working people couldn’t.

Adding to the outrage, a November review of Federal Election Commission records showed Ilhan has already funneled nearly $3 million to Mynett’s political consulting company, E Street Group, over 19 months ending mid-July 2020.

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