Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Murder

( – A suspected illegal immigrant has been arrested after Texas cheerleader Lizbeth Medina was killed at her home in Edna on Tuesday.

The cheerleader failed to appear at a Christmas parade in the afternoon. Shortly afterward, she was found dead by her mother Jacqueline in the bathtub.

On Friday, December 8th, law enforcement officers released security footage of a bearded man striding towards a Ford Taurus, later deemed to be the suspect. Two days later, police arrested Rafael Govea Romero in Schulenberg – 50 miles north of Edna. With Romero under arrest for Capital Murder, Edna Police Department and Texas Rangers traveled to the town and transported the suspect back to Jackson County Jail.

Police acknowledged the Medina’s family’s grief, calling for support from the community. Concluding, officers said the people of Edna could “sleep in peace” with Romero apprehended.

Jacqueline recounted the harrowing experience of discovering her slain daughter at their shared home in Cottonwood Apartments. Jacqueline had awakened Lizbeth at 6 am before leaving for work to ensure Lizbeth could join her Edna High School teammates for cheer practice ahead of the afternoon parade. However, upon returning from work and attending the parade, Jacqueline noticed Lizbeth’s absence and realized that no one had heard from her since 7:30 am.

Having called her daughter repeatedly only for the phone to go straight to voicemail, Jacqueline saw her daughter’s body in the bathtub upon opening the curtains.

Police have released few details about the case, expressing concern over protecting the “integrity” of the ongoing investigation. If found guilty, Romero could face life imprisonment without parole or the death penalty if convicted.

Heartfelt tributes have poured in for Lizbeth on social media. Moreover, a Facebook page, Justice for Lizbeth Medina, has already passed 200 members, while a GoFundMe appeal for the family has raised more than $20,000.

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