Illinois Governor Makes a Housing Promise for Migrants

Illinois Governor Makes a Housing Promise for Migrants

Democrat Governor Makes Strange VOW To Criminals

( – Chicago, Illinois received its first busload of approximately 75 undocumented migrants from Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday evening, August 31. The move came as a surprise for Democrats Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Governor J.B. Pritzker, who found themselves scrambling to respond to the situation on short notice. In a week, Texans sent 228 undocumented aliens to the Windy City on buses, prompting Pritzker to promise emergency housing, health screenings, COVID vaccinations, and legal resettlement assistance through his spokesperson, Emily Bittner.

As Chicagoans face skyrocketing rent and real estate prices, the Illinois governor has authorized housing for at least some migrant families in suburban hotels like the Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn in Burr Ridge and Countryside. Yet state officials apparently neglected to inform local authorities of the arrangement.

Gary Grasso (R), the Burr Ridge mayor, told an ABC affiliate the action completely caught him off guard. He explained the hypocrisy of the situation, saying, “I’m the mayor of the village; I should have been told. I’m as frustrated as Mayor Lightfoot was in her not being told.”

Still, the hospitality isn’t out of character. Pritzker and Lightfoot welcomed Ukrainian refugees earlier this year, and the governor insists his state is a welcoming place for all immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees, even those delivered by the busload from Texas.

With state resources stretched thin after a two-year pandemic response, inflation and supply chain issues leading to soaring costs, and increased crime plaguing Illinois’ largest cities, do you think Pritzker is making promises he can’t possibly keep without inflicting even greater pain on the citizens of his state?

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