Incredible Dinosaur Skeleton Heads to Auction

Incredible Dinosaur Skeleton Heads to Auction

Pics: Everyone Is Buzzing About This Incredibly RARE Piece Of History Heading To Auction

( – Dinosaurs roamed the earth tens of millions of years ago. Despite being around for a very long time, their fossilized remains never fail to intrigue scientists and researchers. That’s why one auction house expects an incredibly preserved skeleton to fetch a pretty penny at an upcoming auction.

The Associated Press spoke with Sotheby’s, one of the largest brokers of fine arts, jewelry, and collectibles, who mentioned it would auction off the rare piece. The prehistoric remains belong to none other than the Gorgosaurus, a predecessor and relative of the much more recognizable Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The 10-foot tall, 22-foot-long apex predator probably lived in what is now the Western US and Canada during the late Cretaceous Period — around 76 million years ago, or approximately 10 million years before the T-Rex began roaming the Earth. The Gorgosaurus skeleton will be the first-ever specimen sold to a private collector; all others currently reside in museums.

Cassandra Hatton, the global head of science and pop culture at Sotheby’s, told the AP she’s been privileged with handling the sale of a multitude of unique objects, adding that none really compare to the curiosity and wonder that the Gorgosaurus skeleton brings.

The auction house estimates the fossil will sell at a price between $5 million and $8 million. It’s sure to add a unique aspect to whatever collector is lucky enough to be able to afford such a spectacular piece of history.

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