Iran Infrastructure Hit by Reported Cyberattack

Iran Infrastructure Hit by Reported Cyberattack

( – Critical infrastructure in Iran recently went down. The country’s government claims the shutdown likely stemmed from a cyberattack. Now, some are questioning whether the incident was motivated by the anniversary of a 2019 riot.

On October 26, gas stations in Iran began shutting down in response to failed fuel pump functions. President Ebrahim Raisi warned the attack was likely to anger citizens, mainly because the region is sensitive to fluctuating fuel prices.

While no one entity or individual has come forward to claim credit for the attack, there are similarities between the October 26 incident and a 2019 event that crippled Iran’s railroad systems several months prior. In both instances, customers who attempted to make a purchase saw the error message “Cyber Attack, 64411” roll across the screen.

The hackers’ signature apparently references a hotline to the office of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. But messages appearing on fuel pump displays were just the beginning; a number of hacked street signs also asked the supreme leader where they could find gas.

Experts suspect a group named after the Hindu God of War, Indra, may potentially be responsible for the attack. Still, they have yet to conclusively prove a connection.

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