Iran Just Used Kamala Harris to Push Through Their Genocidal Agenda

Iran Just Used Kamala Harris to Push Through Their Genocidal Agenda

( – In 2011, the State Department established the Virtual Embassy for Iran to address the ongoing lack of formal diplomacy in the region that began in late 1980. That same embassy is now stirring up controversy after using a quote from US Vice President Kamala Harris to push a genocidal ideology.

The Virtual Embassy for Iran (VEI) copied Harris’ previous statement about the ongoing existence of racial injustice in America and the persistent need to solve such problems. According to the New York Post, a White House official said the quote originally came from a speech she gave during President Joe Biden’s signing of the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act.

While the virtual embassy’s intentions aren’t clear, some people labeled the tweet as a blatant attempt to criticize the US. Others felt it was a strategic measure to advance their hateful agenda, as the embassy serves as a way for Iranians to get information about US policy and the values of Americans straight from the US government.

Notably, the embassy shared the quote in Farsi, Iran’s official language.

Critics quickly lambasted the VP for her words even though she didn’t share the tweet from her own account.

A Republican strategist accused Harris of sharing it to appear enlightened, noting that it reeked of weakness instead. Former Republican representative Scott Taylor bashed Harris directly, asserting that the US can work toward a better union. He also pointed out that Iran doesn’t share the same luxury.

Iran stands accused of engaging in torture, press restrictions, human trafficking, child labor, summary executions, unlawful detention and other human rights violations. In fact, the US Department of State’s 2020 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices report called the country an “authoritarian theocratic republic” that engages in politically motivated killings.

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