Iran May Have Ability to Launch EMP Targeting United States

Iran May Have Ability to Launch EMP Targeting United States

( – Foreign policy has rapidly fallen apart since Biden’s inauguration. North Korea started testing anti-ballistic missiles, and relations with the Taliban fell apart, threatening extended US involvement in Afghanistan. In addition, new reports indicate Iran may already have the technology to wreak havoc on the United States from afar.

On June 2, Newsmax reported on the likelihood of Iran developing the ability to launch a long-distance electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the United States. While there isn’t a consensus among the nation’s intelligence services on the matter, there‚Äôs reason to believe Iran already has that capability, or could soon.

According to Newsmax, it’s possible that North Korea could sell “Super-EMP warheads” to Tehran, and it might be able to strike the US with them using satellites. North Korea and Iran have already signed an agreement to share “science and technology.”

Making matters worse, starting in 2008, Iran already launched satellites with North Korea’s help. The country claimed its infamous Islamic Revolutionary Guard orbited a satellite in April 2020, adding further cause for alarm.

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