Iran Talks Are Back

Iran Talks Are Back

Iran MEETINGS Take A Surprising Turn

( – Former President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal in 2018 instantly returned harsh sanctions on the foreign nation. Iran responded by boosting the program and enriching uranium, an essential step in weaponizing the substance, at a record pace. Now, the two countries may be heading back to the table to iron out details of a new nuclear deal — but will Iran play ball?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Washington and Tehran have been discussing a new nuclear deal for several months. But the international community continues to express concerns that Iran may opt out of seeking a new agreement, mainly because the foreign nation is increasingly secretive about the status of ongoing developments.

Iranian officials took the drastic step of shutting down access to two International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) cameras in early June; they allowed the agency to monitor the foreign country’s nuclear development program from a distance. Analysts instantly questioned whether the sudden action proved that Iran was done talking and planned on enriching enough uranium to create a nuclear weapon.

Josep Borrell, foreign policy chief for the European Union (EU), recently traveled to Tehran in an attempt to convince officials to reinitiate negotiations with the international community. While Iran said it was willing to discuss the matter, the situation quickly devolved after state-run media aired the launch of a rocket into space at around the same time.

According to AP News, the White House blasted Tehran shortly afterward, calling the action “unhelpful and destabilizing.” However, the launch wasn’t necessarily a surprise; Iran previously confirmed it intended to conduct more tests on the satellite-carrying rocket back in February of 2021.

Talks are still set to begin at some point soon despite the diplomatic faux pas. However, Borrell hasn’t yet clarified where the new negotiations will take place. They will likely occur in a Persian Gulf country such as Qatar.

Officials Clash Over Intention

US officials still believe Iran’s rocket tests violate a separate United Nations Security Council resolution asking the country to refrain from participating in activities connected to ballistic missiles with the potential to become nuclear weapons. Iranian officials vehemently deny such allegations, suggesting that the exercises are designed to boost its space program rather than achieving any kind of military goal.

Iranian officials seem to be suggesting that they have no interest in developing nuclear weapons and only want to grow their scientific research instead. Yet, the international community remains highly concerned, especially after Tehran’s most recent launch.

Other points of contention between the US and Iran also still exist, including Washington’s refusal to take Iran’s Revolutionary Guard off the current list of terrorist organizations. That makes it difficult to predict whether negotiations will truly be viable at the present point.

Is Iran serious about renewing a deal with the US? What will Washington have to do to reach an agreement?

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