Iranian Missile Attack on U.S. Base Sends Telling Message

( – A recent report from the American College of Surgeons suggests that modern battlefields will be laden with traumatic brain injuries. The increasingly common combat malady, known casually as a TBI, normally follows a large concussive blast.

Though the injuries were not unheard of before the global war on terror, regular use of roadside bombs during two overseas U.S. occupations forced the American military to pay closer attention.

Despite having almost two decades of individual touch-and-go TBI data, it wasn’t until 2020 that military doctors were presented with a massive unplanned case study. The events involved no deaths but led to over 100 diagnoses from the same simultaneous attack.

After assuming the Presidency, Donald Trump opted to do what his predecessor refused to do and chose to hold Iran to account for their proxy war in Iraq. Through Iranian funding, training, and arms, Iraqi insurgents killed or injured scores of American soldiers and Marines over the course of many years.

Trump opted to greenlight the assassination of the Iranian general behind all of it in a 2020 drone attack. After the general’s death, Iran responded in kind by launching eleven ballistic missiles at an Iraqi military base that was simultaneously housing a large number of American troops.

Though no troops died, many were physically blown out of their positions by warheads that weighed as much as 2,000 pounds. The events led to some 109 American personnel being diagnosed with a TBI.

According to the report, American troops are facing enemies with “capabilities” that are “similar” to what can be fielded by U.S. forces. Iran recently announced their development of a new hypersonic missile.

In their findings, the ACOS said the U.S. military should prepare for injuries of these types to become “more prevalent.” Larger numbers of TBIs should be expected.

According to a report from the Department of Defense, 375,000 troops were diagnosed with TBIs from 2000 to 2017.

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