IRS To Hire 5000 Agents To Help With Shortcomings

IRS To Hire 5000 Agents To Help With Shortcomings

IRS Plans To Hire A ARMY Of New Agents

( – President Biden recently signed the Inflation Reduction Act in August with a focus on combating rising prices. The bill allocated $80 billion in funding to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which it has mentioned will go toward improving technology and hiring new enforcement agents. On September 15, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke at an IRS facility and declared some of the funding will go toward hiring 5,000 new customer service representatives.

During her remarks, the secretary noted the IRS has suffered understaffing and underfunding for years, explaining the agency has remained relatively the same size since the 1970s. Yellen also mentioned that the new representatives would boost the amount of calls the IRS can receive, claiming they would be able to answer 85% of all calls in the 2023 tax season.

A major difference from the less than 20% she claimed the IRS took during the 2022 tax season. The secretary asserted with 5,000 new customer service agents, the agency can serve more Americans and decrease call wait times by half before citizens speak with a representative.

The expansion adds to the White House’s effort to bolster the IRS. Much of the funding Biden provided to the agency will go toward hiring tens of thousands of enforcement agents. The move has caused concern among Republicans who fear the IRS will use its new force to crack down on the middle and lower classes in America.

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