Israel Allows Fuel Into Gaza but Not Hospital Supplies, Says U.N.

( – According to a UPI report that cited United Nations workers, the Israeli government has finally allowed a single shipment of fuel to make its way into Gaza some five-plus weeks since the war first began. The petrol’s delivery was said to have come with a catch and was reportedly prohibited from being sent to hospitals and desalination plants, which Israel has argued are being used as staging grounds for the terrorist group Hamas.

Thomas White, a director with UNRWA, wrote that even if the fuel’s delivery had not come with restrictions, it was still only a tiny fraction of what was needed for what he said were “life-sustaining purposes.” White’s Twitter post said the roughly 6,000 gallons allowed in was less than one-tenth of what his agency needs for their daily operations.

In a separate November 15th post, UNRWA insisted that the Israelis were using fuel prohibitions as an alternative means of waging warfare. “This must stop,” the agency wrote. They warned that deliveries of humanitarian aid for Gaza’s two million civilians would be held up if more gasoline was not allowed into the area.

Israel has not disputed the reported fuel prohibitions but has maintained throughout the campaign that medical facilities are concealing massive below-ground Hamas operations centers. A November 16th report from The Times of Israel published pictures and videos provided to the outlet by the Israeli Defense Forces that purported to show a tunnel entrance between buildings at the Shifa Hospital complex.

The piece also showed pictures of a large weapons cache the IDF said they had seized after storming the complex. An accompanying video featuring IDF Lieutenant Col. Jonathan Conricus took viewers on a brief tour of the hospital’s MRI wing. The officer claimed that terrorists had hidden ammunition and firearms behind the large magnetic machines.

In the reported “tunnel entrance” footage, a ladder is shown leading into the ground in the hospital’s courtyard.

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