Israel Launches Massive Barrage of Attacks

Israel Launches Massive Barrage of Attacks

( – The United Nations Middle East Peace Coordinator Tor Wennesland called for a restoration of calm in the Occupied Palestinian Territory last week in the wake of the exchange of hundreds of rockets between Jerusalem and Gaza. He took to his Twitter account warning that otherwise, Israel and Hamas were heading “towards a full-scale war.”

The violence in Gaza entered its seventh day on Sunday, May 16. Buildings and roadways suffered major strikes, making it difficult for ambulances and other medevac vehicles to reach the wounded. The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the deaths of more than 40 people in Gaza City that day.

One America News Network reported that Hamas targeted densely-populated areas in Israel from Gaza City using hundreds of rockets. In return, Israel has targeted the homes of several Hamas commanders as part of an effort to slow down the attacks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue responding forcefully to Hamas attacks until the counterstrikes restore security to Israel.

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