It’s Not Clear if Clarence Thomas Is Hospitalized or Not

It's Not Clear if Clarence Thomas Is Hospitalized or Not

Supreme Court Justice Thomas, 73, was admitted to Sibley Memorial Hospital on March 18 after having flu-like symptoms. The hospital’s staff diagnosed him with an unspecified infection, and Thomas was expected to be released on March 22 at the latest. However, the Supreme Court has yet to give an update on his condition or whether he remains in hospital.

Justice John Roberts heard arguments in his absence, noting on March 23 that he would once again step into the role as Justice Thomas would not be present at court. Roberts didn’t explain the change in post.

SCOTUS previously confirmed that Judge Thomas underwent intravenous antibiotic treatment but assured the public his infection wasn’t COVID-19 related. On March 23, Court Spokeswoman Patricia McCabe declined to grant any further updates, according to ABC News.

Thomas began serving on the Supreme Court bench in 1991, shortly after former President George H.W. Bush first nominated him. His absence comes just as incumbent President Biden’s nominee to replace the outgoing Stephen Breyer, Ketanji Brown Jackson, is undergoing confirmation hearings.

The court’s current most senior liberal justice, Breyer, plans to retire when the current term ends and the court goes into its summer recess. There hasn’t been an update on Thomas’ health since news broke that he was hospitalized with an infection.

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