Jane Fonda Blames Climate Crisis On Racism And Patriarchy

(RepublicanNews.org) – Eighty-five-year-old actress Jane Fonda told attendees at the glitzy Cannes Film Festival that she has figured out what’s behind climate change: White men, and racism.
The Grace and Frankie star told the audience that humans have only seven or eighty years to halve humanity’s fossil fuel use before catastrophe strikes. And that catastrophe will hit the “global south” hardest, she said, referring to”people on islands” and “poor people of color.”
To avert this oppression, Fonda said, “We have to arrest and jail those men. They’re all men.”
And, more specifically, Fonda said, it is white men who are responsible. Answering a question from a Cannes audience member, she said there would be no “climate crisis” without “patriarchy,” which she says is intertwined with hierarchy.
Like many on the hard left, Fonda felt comfortable making bold statements about the nature of white men that would not be tolerated if such statements were made against what the left calls “people of color.”
“White men are the things that matter,” and everyone else is beneath them, the wealthy actress said.
Continuing at Cannes, Fonda said she is an activist and that any time she takes a position on an issue, she sees herself as fighting racism and patriarchy. Referring back to her days of protesting against the Vietnam War, Fonda said all these issues of oppression are connected. Feminists and environmentalists have to get out of their “silos” and work together, she said.
This kind of rhetoric has been Fonda’s lifelong hallmark. She was widely panned by conservatives during her Vietnam War protesting days, earning the nickname “Hanoi Jane.”

In 2019, she was arrested outside the U.S. Capitol building, along with her sitcom co-star Sam Waterston, while she was demonstrating about climate change.

In January of this year, Fonda appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show to say that climate change and racism are linked. Billionaires, she said, force pollution on “communities that have no voice” and who cannot fight back.

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